Household Assistance

Friends of the Poor recently opened Furnished by Friends.  This program is set up like a store and contains all of our donated household items including, but not limited to: bedding, curtains, towels, utensils, plates, pots and pans, cups, pillows, and more.  The target population for this program is any individual or family who is starting over and needs everything (i.e. domestic violence survivors, fire survivors, refugees, etc.)  Referrals can be made from other agencies by calling the Assistant Director or the Jesuit Volunteer.  Clients are seen by appointment only, and items are displayed as if it is a retail store.  A volunteer will walk with the client as they choose colors and patterns they prefer, and the volunteer will make sure the client leaves with everything they may need for their new home.  Clients who may only need one to two items, such as a frying pan or dish towels, may still visit Jackson Terrace during regular hours.