Rent/Utility Assistance

FOTP offers water utility assistance to anyone in need. Clients must call or visit the Jackson Terrace pantry location and meet with a staff member to fill out the assistance request form. Those requesting assistance must be willing and able to provide overdue bill for which they are requesting assistance, income information, household size, and reason for request. FOTP staff will only offer assistance if a plan with the client is put together, with the goal of covering their own utility expense going forward. The agency will then pay the client’s bill directly to the vendor for the amount determined by staff.

Occasionally, rent and other material assistance requests will be considered if the individual in need has exhausted all other agencies and options. FOTP does not have a funded program for this type of assistance, and therefore it is done based on staff discretion and available resources. Those with a need for gas, electric, or rental assistance are to contact other local agencies first. A list of resources for this type of assistance can be found by calling 211 or visiting Neighborly PA.