Rent/Utility Assistance

FOTP offers material assistance to anyone in need.  Clients must call or visit the Jackson Terrace pantry and meet with either the Assistant Director or the Jesuit Volunteer to fill out the assistance request form.  This form details all income and expenses for the client, reason for delinquency, and any other extenuating circumstances.  FOTP staff then put together a plan with the client to cover their expenses going forward, and the agency will pay the bill directly to the vendor for the amount determined by staff.  Rental assistance requests are directed first to other agencies who have funded programs for rental assistance.  FOTP covers the amount not covered by another agency and assists families not eligible with other agencies.  FOTP’s general rule is to offer $100 in assistance and work with the family to cover the balance. 

In addition, FOTP administers the Dollar Energy Program and the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) in our area for assistance with water bills.  Both programs have a limited calendar life, and parameters of both programs differ based on the point in the grant’s life cycle.